4 Barriers to productivity and employee engagement

What are companies doing that are unintentionally resulting in reduced productivity and lower employee engagement? Here are 4 common barriers we see:

1. Make our employees come to where we are.

By 2020, there will be nearly 2 billion mobile workers.* Yet the majority of sales and service training requires people to either sit behind a computer or come to a classroom. We waste billions of dollars on travel flying people to/from programs when they could be more productive during that time.

2. Not inviting them to engage.

Employees need to be given an opportunity to share and interact with each other and be invited to engage. We constantly see companies in the ‘push’ mode of communications whether it’s the CEO/leadership messages or training by ‘experts’ who speak for hours in person or on panels where we are expected to sit, take notes and absorb what was said. Employees want to engage, give feedback and be part of the conversation. They don’t want to just ‘check the attendance box’ while being on their phones during sessions.

3. Not treating employees as adults.

While we talk about ‘empowering our people’ and encouraging ‘lifelong learning,’ many of our programs are tied to assessments which test peoples’ memories vs. encouraging people to take actions as a result of the learning (where impact really is). Many would agree that the critical knowledge of companies resides in the minds of the employees. This is a significant untapped opportunity. Treating employees as adults would give them greater opportunities to self-direct, self-author and self-learn. This is empowering.

4. Being ok with boring.

As adaptable people, many have just accepted corporate learning to be a boring, ‘must-do’ activity. We have gotten used to the 30-minute long videos, 50-page powerpoint decks with lots of text, clicking through online assessments as fast as we can to get our check marks with little to no engagement and even less learning and virtually no application.  We are used to clunky legacy enterprise platforms for content creation and waiting 6-9 months for a new program to be developed.

Do we have to accept boring and clunky? How can we overcome these barriers?

Great news is that there are innovative tools and platforms emerging that are redefining how adults engage with content. There are passionate people like us who care about delivering content that is fun, beautiful and engaging and has real business impact. We want to bring critical content to employees where they are – whether on the road, at client sites, on the retail floor, behind a desk – so they can learn anytime, anywhere. We believe in empowering people to create their own content to share with their colleagues so we created a self-authoring tool on mobile. We believe this is the future of learning.

So here’s the great news: You no longer have to be ok with boring… and you can do it while improving productivity.

How are you breaking these barriers?

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