Ngee Ann Poly’s Micro-Learning Journey to Train Leaders On-The-Go

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is an institution of higher learning in Singapore with more than 14,800 full-time and 3,000 part-time students, more than 1,800 staff and 148,000 alumni.

NP’s staff development team was facing the challenge of how to ensure ongoing training for their time-strapped educators and leaders.  Conventional classroom learning was logistically impossible for the busy senior leadership, so how could NP transcend the constraints of time, scale, and geography to keep reinforcing specific behaviors and a culture of lifelong learning – and do it fast?

Gnowbe’s pioneering mobile micro-learning and engagement solution helps the modern workforce learn faster and better.  Based on the latest science of adult learning, gamification and behavior design, our approach is bite-sized, collaborative and drives ‘on-the-job application’ for higher performance.  NP chose Gnowbe as a partner not only for our knowledge and experience in this area, but they also knew our agile and responsive team would deliver a comfortable platform with full support.

Partnering with Gnowbe helped NP embrace a refreshing range of learning styles from reading and journaling to encouraging the sharing of reflections and learnings on mobile.  The ability to learn anywhere at any time allowed leaders to continue learning without disrupting

Gnowbe’s initial impact on NP was the sheer sense of relief created by our quick, convenient and very efficient results.  The response from their busy executives was very positive, and the courses were completed in half the expected time. A fascinating extra insight for NP was a marked change in behavior – their staff became more open as they shared and reflected amongst peers.

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