Proudly Releasing Gnowbe App Version 2.0!

We are excited to announce that we have released our latest version of the Gnowbe App. You will be guided more intuitively through the program and will find that the user experience is even better and simpler! 

Our approach is learner and customer-centric, so we listened to your feedback and took many good ideas on board of this new release, for example:

  • Collapsible program drawer – in response to Giantech’s need to onboard new engineers on a multitude of different training topics
  • A red dot to represent new programs, new group activities, updated learning sessions – in response to OCBC’s request to alert and nudge learners
  • A help icon – in response to SMU Executive Education’s wish for “on-demand” navigation guidance

Curious? Get the Gnowbe App 2.0 now! 
Have a great learning journey!

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