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Designing E-Learning to Mimic the Human Experience

When I say “E-learning”, what do you think of? Most commonly it is a computer screen, videos, and powerpoint slides. As innovative as it tries to be, E-learning is largely contained within such parameters – but does it really have to be so dull? Gnowbe humanizes the process of learning and development through experience and […]

3 Ways Millennials Learn Better

How we can make full use of a short attention span   Scrolling through Instagram? Nothing new. Scrolling through Facebook? Nope. Twitter? Nothing. Let’s go back to Instagram. Sounds familiar? This is how millennials spend hours on their phones, toggling between applications in search for new content.  Yet we expect our staff to sustain their focus […]

How to Engage your Employees Using Digital Training

The Essentials of an Effective Digital Training Platform   The digital learning market has grown by 900% since 2000, as companies begin to recognize the advantages of digital learning. In any organization training for employees is not just important, it is vital. Well-trained employees are not only more productive but are much better aligned with […]

Turn Your Employee’s “Best Behavior” into Habits

How to Use Mobile Microlearning to Transform Company Culture Consider the little decisions you make every day. Do I…  take the stairs or the elevator? eat a pastry or drink a green smoothie? watch TVor go to bed early? How different would those decisions be if you were wearing a device that recorded your steps, […]

Predictions on Learning Management Trends in 2019

This article was originally posted on Adrian Tan Blog What’s the future of LMS with the rise of employee engagement and learning experience platforms? Here are 5 key trends that we are seeing from Silicon Valley to Singapore as we meet with global Chief Learning Officers (CLOs), HR Managers and organizations. 1. Mobile-first, not mobile-responsive […]

How technology can bridge the skills gap it created

This article is part of the World Economic Forum on ASEAN The future of work is rapidly changing. With the rise of machines and automation, we need to empower our workforces with 21st-century skills to help them remain employable. But how do we empower billions of people who may have never set foot inside a classroom? […]

Mobile Micro-Learning Course Design for Mobile First

So-Young Kang, CEO of Gnowbe, talks with AACSB‘s executive vice president and strategy and innovation officer, Dan LeClair, about learning content designed specifically for mobile platforms. You and your team at Gnowbe have been pioneers in creating solutions in mobile micro‑learning. Tell us about what that is. We talk about the future, but I actually […]

Gamified Learning Engagement Inside and Outside the Classroom

AACSB‘s executive vice president and strategy and innovation officer, Dan LeClair, talks with CEO of Gnowbe, So-Young Kang, about how gamified learning takes advantage of the social and technological habits learners already have. In order for adults to learn, we need to reflect on ourselves. We also need to have peer‑to‑peer dialogue. I can’t just […]

Ngee Ann Poly’s Micro-Curation Journey to Empower 5000 students

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is an institution of higher learning in Singapore with more than 14,800 full-time and 3,000 part-time students, more than 1,800 staff and 148,000 alumni. After using Gnowbe’s mobile learning platform to train leaders and onboard new employees, NP saw a potential gap in the future-readiness of their graduating students. They wanted to […]

Ngee Ann Poly’s Micro-Learning Journey to Train Leaders On-The-Go

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is an institution of higher learning in Singapore with more than 14,800 full-time and 3,000 part-time students, more than 1,800 staff and 148,000 alumni. NP’s staff development team was facing the challenge of how to ensure ongoing training for their time-strapped educators and leaders.  Conventional classroom learning was logistically impossible for the busy […]


Microlearning is expanding fast in workplace learning as it is answering the needs of the modern, mobile, busy employee. It has become popular the same way that takeaway meals, pre-washed salads and assorted cut fruits have become part of our modern lifestyle. Microlearning is fast and convenient as it is delivered in bite-sized content chunks. […]

The Benefits of Blended Learning

The evolution of technology in the public space has transformed how we educate our employees. New and improved forms of learning have been designed to give us better results and counter the shortcomings of traditional techniques. Blended learning is an integrated approach to education and training which combines both online and offline classroom-based teaching. The […]

4 Barriers to productivity and employee engagement

What are companies doing that are unintentionally resulting in reduced productivity and lower employee engagement? Here are 4 common barriers we see: 1. Make our employees come to where we are. By 2020, there will be nearly 2 billion mobile workers.* Yet the majority of sales and service training requires people to either sit behind […]

5 biggest misconceptions about mobile learning

A WEF Young Global Leader, TEDx speaker and McKinsey alumni, Gnowbe’s CEO and Founder So-Young Kang debunks 5 of the most prevalent misconceptions organizations have about micro-learning. 1) Smartphone learning is only for easy topicsMobile learning is not for simple information only, on the contrary. It is great for breaking complex knowledge like e.g. an […]

Millenials and Learning: When learning apps contribute

By 2025, Millennials will make up as much as 75 percent of the US workforce, according to a Brookings Institution report1. There are challenges, not least the different needs for engagement compared to older baby-boomers (BBs). Since needs differ, organizations need to be flexible in their employee-engagement offerings, but also to be fair and equal […]

Can tech ever be neutral?

This Article was published on the World Economic Forum It’s time for a tech renaissance. It’s time for us to bring morality, virtues and our humanity back into how we build things to help uplift the human experience. Here’s what Matthew Prince, Co-Founder & CEO of Cloudflare had to say about the way internet companies react […]

Transformational Learning

Content: So-Young Kang | Narrator: Jason ChanVideo produced by: Myles & More In our work consulting, designing, advising, and developing capabilities for global enterprises and government agencies—both large and small—we have seen that great leaders are those who not only focus on growing their businesses, they also prioritize developing their people. The best leaders understand that their most valuable […]

Proudly Releasing Gnowbe App Version 2.0!

We are excited to announce that we have released our latest version of the Gnowbe App. You will be guided more intuitively through the program and will find that the user experience is even better and simpler!  Our approach is learner and customer-centric, so we listened to your feedback and took many good ideas on […]

Education → Learning 2030

How has the world evolved and what implications does this have for the future of education 2030*? Are you still holding on to 20th century learning mindsets without even realizing it? Our current education system and models even for corporate learning are based largely on outdated philosophies often referred to as the ‘factory model.’ In the […]

Asynchronous Learning

The internet has revolutionized traditional learning in a big way. Conventional methods are giving way to more dynamic and flexible paradigms in the educational experience. Synchronous and asynchronous learning is a direct result of these developments. Synchronous learning refers to an educational setting with simultaneous collaboration across channels of communication which may be in person or […]

Digital Learning 2.0: Entering the age of participatory mobile, micro-learning

This article was published in the The Manila Times EDUCATION and learning have started to undergo its own digital disruption with the advent of MOOCs (massive open online course), almost eight years ago. Digital Learning 1.0 (the age of the MOOCs) has really started to democratize learning through digital access to content that was traditionally limited […]

What is an effective Onboarding process for new employees?

Having a defined and effective onboarding process is key for high performance, employee engagement and retention. An onboarding checklist or digital program can help you get organised and give new hires the best possible start into a new role.   First impressions last….and, it seems, count. Research from the Harvard Business Review suggests that 33% […]

What is Blended Learning?

What is Blended Learning? Blended learning really took off in the early 2000s with the first generation of web-based learning. It is a way of teaching that combines online digital media with in-person instruction to create an overall more effective and customized learning experience. You may also hear it referred to as hybrid learning. It […]

8 Ways to Engage Your New Hires

Millennials. They might seem like a tough nut to crack, but as a senior HR or business leader, it is absolutely critical to hear their side of the story – how they would like to be onboarded and how to get the best of them right from the start.

Why consider Blended Learning for corporate training & development?

Blended learning or hybrid learning is any learning modality where face-to-face instruction is combined with online learning. More and more companies are asking their L&D departments and external training providers to increase the amount of digital learning, the key reasons being cost and convenience. For the middle and junior ranks of the organization, online learning […]

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