Reinventing Corporate Learning to Suit the Changing Workforce

Kathy Schmidt · June 2017

Millennials. With many already in the workplace and more yet to come, are you ready for them?

Born between 1980 and 2000, their use of technology and affinity to the digital world sets them apart from previous generations of workers. It is not surprising that they have specific expectations about how technology could and should be used in the workplace.

Does your existing corporate training program cater to this millennial segment of the workforce? Without a change in the way you deliver training in the workplace, you risk disconnecting with this cohort.

Digital Learning Apps: A Learning Language

Dr. Angus McLeod | Master Coach, Wharton Executive Education · May 2017

A study across 9,000 schools in the US in 2013 called ‘Project Tomorrow’ indicated that 12% of students were sending text messages to their teachers, to ask questions during the class! Whether many of these texts were answered or not, the figures show the dramatic change surging through to 2017 and beyond; tomorrow’s leaders will be hugely dependent on digital communications for all their information and learning. 


Future of Learning is Mobile: Adapt or Be Left Behind

So-Young Kang · May 2017

Nearly half of current jobs will be obsolete in the next 20 years according to an Oxford report*. Moreover, 41.7% of global fortune 500 companies are already using mobile learning tools in the workplace and this figure is set to rise in the coming years.

Learning is being disrupted by technology like every other industry in the world. But what are companies doing to make continuous learning and skill building part of their employee engagement so as to prepare for the future workforce?

Gnowbe now integrates with Salesforce, Hubspot, and Sugar CRM!

Gnowbe · May 2017

Over the last few months, a number of our clients asked for Gnowbe to be integrated with their existing CRM systems. We listened, and are pleased to announce that Gnowbe can now be integrated with many of your favorite sales productivity tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot CRM and SugarCRM! 


Case Study: Customer Contact Operations

Gnowbe . May 2017

One of Southeast Asia's largest telecom companies worked with Gnowbe to improve their customer service experience.

Find out how the client was successfully able to leverage Gnowbe's microlearning solution to boost employee knowledge and retention at its customer contact center.

Improving Customer Service Effectiveness

Anne-Ev Enzmann · May 2017

Customer service employees are the frontline and face of any service-related company. They are integral in establishing relationships with clients as well as offering support when called upon.

So how can enterprises improve customer service to support the overall customer experience and sales? How can they develop and train customer service staff effectively?


Onboarding made simple and effective

Anne-Ev Enzmann · April 2017

Onboarding is a delicate process.

There is an incredible amount of information for a new employee to process - from policies and products to new people - it usually is a daunting task.  If done right however, it leaves the organization with a loyal and effective contributor.

So how can you get your new hires to quickly hit the ground running, integrate them into the company culture and speed up their technical learning? 

The Power Of Mobile-1st Micro-learning

Roslina Chai · March 2017

What is one thing that mobile-1st micro-learning can do better than any other e-learning modalities existing today?  

Simply, it is learning that brings about habit change.  

As you read this newsletter, ask yourself what professional habits would you like your employees and extended enterprise stakeholders to form to become a better salesperson, manager, customer service representative, or call-center operator?


Are Women Tech Savvy?

So-Young Kang · March 2017

In celebration of International Women’s Day and as a female tech CEO and founder, I felt it apt to address the topic of women in tech. It may sound silly to be discussing this in 2017 (I believe it’s ridiculous), but with the recent ongoing Uber fiasco on sexual harassment charges and many stories of gender discrimination and the ‘old boys club’ in the Valley, I wanted to take a moment to share my views and celebrate a few facts about women which are pretty awesome! (by the way, I appreciate men too, but this one is to celebrate International Women’s Day :))

Gnowbe's Offline Capabilities

Rouba Kouwatli · February 2017

From now on you can use Gnowbe offline.

Yes, it's true...We heard you wanted to access Gnowbe on subways, elevators, areas with limited connectivity, anywhere...and we made it a reality. Download any program for offline use.

We care about your experience. We fixed some of the other important things and increased speed and stability.


Transformative Learning: How Adults Actually Learn

So-Young Kang · January 2017

It’s 2017. Isn’t it about time for us to design all courses and programs based on how adults actually learn? And not on how we want to teach them?

The days of the ‘expert instructor who knows all’ is long gone with the democratization of information (aka the internet). While we value the experience and knowledge of experts, we understand that deep learning goes beyond quality content.

What is the meaning of life?

Roslina Chai · June 2016

Are you surprised by this question, in the sense that you were expecting something more L&D or corporate education-oriented?

Or that you thought we were going to be espousing the latest in some learning theory?

Or that we would be spouting buzz words such as increased productivity, enhanced team dynamics, better decision-making, etc.?